Hi! I’m Kristin, wife to my husband of three years, and work-from-home mother to the most determined, spirited, and unbelievably adorable (almost 2 year old) toddler, Asher.

I started this blog as a way of documenting my journey not only as a first time mom, but as a first time mom who got the shock of her lifetime when at 5 months pregnant she was told her child had dwarfism. While our pregnancy was a tumultuous time, with the doctors uncertain about whether Asher’s condition was lethal, we were blessed in the end with the most incredible child that has ever walked the face of this earth (slightly biased mom-speak right there). Ever since Asher was born, he has been showing the world what he is made of. Having a child with a difference can be a challenge at times, for a number of reasons – however it has proven to be the most rewarding experience I could have ever imagined, and as it turns out, I was truly made for this life of mine. So here is my little corner of the internet where I can share the raw experiences of my crazy-hectic life and hopefully change the world, one beautiful toddler smile at a time.